Fickstutenmarkt: the “horse fair” sex party explained

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Authentically German? A Stutenmarkt experience

German swinging scene is not short of variety when it comes to the thematic range of places and events organized around the country. In one form or another, most of them are also found elsewhere and there is nothing to little specifically German about them. But, there is one particular type of event which, once it crosses the borders, seems to have the reputation of being authentically German.

Welcome to Fickstutenmarkt (or just Stutenmarkt) or Horse Fair – the half party, half market to which people go to take place in a rather unusual type of exchange involving sex. Put bluntly, it’s a market or a fair (in German, Stute means mare or female horse), at which women, in their roles of mares, are offered to men, called stallions, for sex and for mutual pleasure, of course.

The Horse Fair concept has picked up also in the gay scene, yet our focus is on the hetero people because we wish to speak from experience. Also because, to our knowledge, they are done a little bit differently in the respective communities. Likewise, even within hetero community, the way Horse Fairs are done in Berlin, Dortmund or Amsterdam, also differ. Still, some general rules apply more or less wherever the practice is found. Let’s take a look at them.

How does a Stutenmarkt work?

Normally, party organizers set the definitive rules and these typically include dress code, role descriptions, what happens when and the usual things related to the freedom to refuse a fuck-partner. Sometimes they can also say what you can and cannot do, so make sure you are familiar with the rules.

The venue you are heading to is arranged into “stables.” And no, they are not real stables. It’s usually just a regular swinger club sort of environment. Before the event starts, you are expected to choose and declare your role. The two most important roles are the one of a mare and a stallion. In case you wish to be a mare, your partner would be your master (in the sense of the game), and also the one to pick your stallion(s). If you are a single lady, a master will be provided to you by the organizer. You are also expected to list things you like being done to you and your stallions will be expected to honour your desires. Sounds fun, no?


Stable masters, stallions and mares

Stable masters (Stallmeistern) and mares go in first and prepare for the big show. At this point no one else is allowed in the stable. Mares, either discretely dressed or completely naked, are blindfolded, handcuffed and are put a collar with a leash on and a card with a number is put around their necks. From this point on, they are to wear these at all times and are referred to as numbers. Sometimes the marketplace can arranged so that the mares are put in boxes and tied up.

The door opens for the stallions. They walk in, look, touch, check the quality and see if they like the offer or not. If you decided to be a mare for the occasion and feeling like a piece of meat is what turns you on, this is it. Importantly – stallions do choose but eventually it is them who are chosen by the lady’s master. Typically, a mare is “treated” with at least two or three stallions, separately or at the same time. It should be noted that Horse Fairs do not have to involve group sex or orgies of any sort.

This part is normally followed by a procession of mares, which is something akin to a beauty pageant, plus the collar and leash. At this point, non-participants in the market exchanges can take a look at the mares as they are taken to the fuck-stables, led by their masters. At this point the music may stop and a voice can be heard from the speakers, reading one number after another, followed by descriptions and preferences. In German, of course.

Siebzehn. Blondine. Grüne Augen. Komplett rasiert. Ficken. Blasen. Spritzen in den Mund. Spritzen ins Gesicht…

Or, if you prefer it in English… Number 17. Blond. Green eyes. Completely shaved. Fucking. Blowing. Cuming in the mouth. Cuming on the face… You get the picture. Usually, the crowd can follow them but cannot go inside the rooms, although the doors are left open. So, you can watch, touch yourself even and see if this may be something for you in prospect.

Up for a Stute-experience?

On occasions, mares need to be trained, especially if inexperienced. Stable masters (or their partners if they come with one) can arrange them to be taken to a designated stable to be trained a little bit by stallions of their choice. The place can also have a stable in which stallions are not allowed and which serves for the mares to rest, take their blindfolds off or have a refreshment, after an intense episode of Stute-experience.

Stutenmarkt is quite an interesting experience, also as an audience member. I never went as a mare, not really my thing, but I could see that some of the girls were really excited and seemed to have been enjoying the whole thing very much. I am a big voyeur and reimagining these scenes later in bed together with Teseo (or on my own) excites me a lot. On the downside, the crowd is usually a bit older (average 45 or up) and not among the most attractive people we’ve seen in the swinging scene, Germany included.

What happens next? Normally, after the first round, there is a break, followed by another round of looking, touching, choosing, the pageant and, of course, (gang-)banging. Usually there are also other rooms in which non-participants can enjoy themselves, there is of course a buffet (because it’s Germany) a bar and, depending on the venue, maybe also a small wellness area.

biting lips

Interested in more?

Is this something you’d like to explore? Stutenmarkt is quite common in German swinger clubs and many clubs organize them regularly – check on Joyclub when is the next one – but you can also find versions of it elsewhere. You may also want to check our map of clubs around Europe and see what they are planning next!

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