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Until very recently, finding attractive strangers to sleep with has been a guessing game of awkward flirting and cringey rejection (or, best case scenario – mediocre sex)! And if you’re a swinger couple? You probably have some stories

Thankfully, with swinger sites popping up left and right since the early 00’s, non-monogamy has become steadily more popular and more accessible to those in the lifestyle. Not only is this dating game nothing new, but it’s also better than ever with SwingTowns.com– the world’s friendliest dating site.

The best swinger site for traveling

It’s truly never been easier to meet sexy like-minded people whether you’re looking in your hometown or taking a trip across the pond. That’s because SwingTowns is the place where swinger clubs all over the world go to post their events and connect couples. With a free membership, you can find swinger parties and clubs everywhere from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand! It’s as easy as logging in and browsing what’s near you or clicking “Location” and typing in whatever city you plan to visit.

Real swingers, real connections

SwingTowns is like Facebook for the open-minded: it’s a social dating site featuring millions of swinger couples and singles just like you. There’s never been a sexier or more diverse pool of play partners on the web. That’s because SwingTowns has been perfecting its platform since 2001, making it the go-to for DTF adults.

Are you a straight couple looking to play with others on your next Miami vacation? SwingTowns is the place to go! Or perhaps you’re in an open poly dynamic and want to find new partners abroad. SwingTowns welcomes you and has everything you need to get started! 

That’s right: with a few keyboard taps, anyone can get laid at SwingTowns – and with the RIGHT partners.

Swing Towns Open Library
Photo: courtesy of SwingTowns

What traveling swingers have to say

Swinging has never been easier.

Since SwingTowns’ debut, plenty of mediocre copies have tried and failed to deliver what we’ve been serving up since way back in 2001. We asked some of our users why they think couples and singles flock to our community when they have other options these days. According to Godlie and John from Winnipeg, the answer is simple.

“As exclusive members we have had the opportunity and pleasure to chat with some of the nicest people from across the country and all over the world. We’ve met other lifestyle couples that live very close, and can’t imagine how we ever would have without being ST members. It’s very nice to see people share the same sexy desires we do, not only from all over the world but most importantly in our own locality. Thanks ST, for adding so much fun to swinging.”

Another couple from Murfreesboro, Tennessee said,

“We LOVE this site, easy to use and full of very cool people! Our shared lifestyle needs places like this where we can be social and supportive of each other without hiding in the shadows.”

That’s what makes us so great: quality. Our community is real, active, and SEXY AF. You’ll find all that you’re looking for and more at SwingTowns. It’s simply the #1 place to go for anyone active or interested in the lifestyle!

When you’re ready to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies, you know what to do: sign up for your free membership at SwingTowns.com – the world’s friendliest dating site. 

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Photo: courtesy of SwingTowns
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