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After an hour or so drive from Vence, via Antibes and Cannes, we finally arrived in Mougins. Ok, we give it to you, it does not sound like a place which could offer much fun-and-excitement-wise.

But, we thought, a well-known club with decent ratings and favorable reviews such as Le Club Absolu Forever may be worth the trip.

Once we left the coast, the road to the club took us through a quiet, villas-studded residential area.

We arrived to the club a little bit before eight, just in time to change, powder our noses and get ready for a get-together dinner with other guests. To our pleasant surprise, the dining room was already full of cheerful, chattering people. The mood seemed just right.

As we were scanning the dining room from the entrance, a lady approached us, gave her hand and said with a cuteFrench accent: “You must be Arianna and Teseo?”

We nodded and I thought to myself that being a foreigner in such a place must by definition be a conspicuous business. Of course, the fact that we had previously exchanged a couple of emails with the hosts about our dietary requirements probably betrayed us a little.

Not to our surprise, on the way to our table we were followed by many curious, even bold looks. This we found very flattering, naturally, although it did make me a little bit nervous.

As a rule, being somewhere for the first time, especially when everyone else around seems so much at home with each other, is a well-known challenge my comfort zone.

“God, please don’t make me trip now and embarrass myself!” Contrary to this, Teseo is a different kind of animal and I often wish I could borrow just a tiny bit of his ease and confidence in such situations.

Our luck that evening was such that we ended up sharing the table with two couples, who were not only attractive and about the same age as us, but who were also fun, talkative and genuinely interesting people. Or maybe sitting us with such lovely people was our hosts’ gesture of hospitality. Whatever it was, it worked for me like a spell and only moments later I loosened up and allowed for the mood to take over.

An interesting and by all means a good thing with France is that the French don’t take their dining lightly.

We could not avoid comparing the entire set-up of the dining room with our experiences in other countries, which was later confirmed in some other clubs we visited in France. Buffet meals or, god-forbid, plastic plates were not part of the local repertoire. Instead, we were comfortably seated in a restaurant-kind of a room, served one course after another, waited and overall well taken care of by the staff. We could have not wished for a better start of the evening!

The dance area was a proper one with the usual paraphernalia: curious pieces of furniture and art, a mini-stage, mirrors around and, of course, some poles to grab.

The tackiness known to erotic clubs was not missed either. But – the music was good, the crowd nice and all was set for a fun evening, which is exactly what it turned out to be.

We continued our dancing in one of the private play rooms where we spent some quality intellectual time with the two charming couples we met at the dinner and with whom we ended up spending most of the evening.

And that was, I must say, some damn skilled play of seduction we were treated with and which we enjoyed tremendously.

Did I say intellectual time? Yep. 😉

We left the club happy and thrilled and marked it as a place to definitely not miss when again in the area.

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