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Jan 27
Our top 8 swinger clubs in Milan (tip: Italians call them club privé)

Our top picks for a hedonistic visit to Milan Milan is one of the largest and most…

Jul 02
Win the Kinky Box from Bijoux Indiscrets for 12 sexy days of “Love Challenge”

Bijoux Indiscrets’ 12 Sexy Days Kinky Box: our review We don’t usually do…

Jun 16
Our selection of 7 swinger clubs in Berlin for a night to remember

Our top picks for Berlin Berlin is by far the most international city in Germany. When…

Apr 02
Insomnia: one of the best clubs in Berlin? Our review

Insomnia - one of Berlin’s best-known clubs - is in our opinion also one of the most…

Dec 30
Fickstutenmarkt: the “horse fair” sex party explained

Authentically German? A Stutenmarkt experience German swinging scene is...

Oct 10
Review of Bolero Palace Club & Spa, Bologna’s swinging gateway

Few contemporary places are such an intriguing visual reminder of...

Sep 17
Our first Pornokino: what happens inside a huge German adult cinema?

How we imagine erotic cinemas Erotic cinema, sometimes also called adult movie…

Aug 20
Follow your Istinto: a summer night of dancing and adventure on Lake Garda

Ferragosto in Italy is the peak of the summer holiday, where debauchery and...

Jul 30
Review of Istinto Club: naked sunbathing, dancing and swinging at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a well-known spring and summer destination in northern Italy blessed by...

Jul 11
La Maison de l’Amour: a review of two naturist spas near Milano, Italy

If you find yourself in the Italian region of Lombardy and you’ve already ticked the...

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