The lifestyle in Italy: erotic spas

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The world knows Italy for its amazing food, great wine, gorgeous landscapes, rich history and much more. And for a good reason: the reputation is well deserved! But what can we tell about Italy’s erotic clubbing or its swinging scene? Is such lifestyle even allowed in Italy? You bet!

Among modern European countries, Italy is the one which is typically thought of as a direct heir to the cultural legacy of the Roman Empire. Romans were in the business of conquering, sure, but also in that of building – roads, walls, palaces and – baths. Baths were so important to the Romans that they used to build them everywhere they went, which is why today we have the archeological remains of Roman spas from Scotland all the way to Romania.

Ancient Romans valued good health and hygiene, but they also valued leisure and relaxation, which is why baths were an integral part of their lifestyle. For the Romans, public baths were the places where people, of lower and upper classes alike, would gather and socialize.

In a way, contemporary Italians are not much different than the ancient Romans and they also have a thing for warm water, socializing and nudity, preferably in combination.

For these and other reasons, it should not surprise that the trendiest among erotic clubs in Italy are primarily – spas. This means that tepidaria, saunas, hot tubs, hammams, massage rooms and the like occupy a central place and, essentially, this is where things warm up (pun intended). But – bear in mind – getting naughty in a sauna or any other wellness area is a no-no, which is why there are also playrooms.

For some reason, going into the playroom area in an Italian club can sometimes be like going into a maze and literally so. We don’t know where this comes from, yet we’ve noticed this pattern since we did not really come across anything like it in other countries we visited. You can easily get lost, which is cool if you are into that kind of thing.

Photo credits: Bolero Palace

Like in any proper spa, you are welcomed with a set of towels and a pair of slippers, which means that you are expected to change (changing rooms are, of course, at your disposal). So, unless you go to a club which is explicitly also a party place (with a proper dance floor), don’t bother picking an outfit.

Legally speaking, public erotic clubs, as you know them in countries like Germany or the Netherlands, do not exist in Italy.

Erotic clubs, like those we just described, are all officially registered as recreational associations. This does not mean that going there is illegal or anything of the sort, buit does mean that in order to access the club, you will need to fill in a form and provide the club with your ID details. This is done routinely at the entrance and, unless you are really keen on not giving the club your real name and address, there should be no issues. In this sense, Italian erotic clubs, pardon, recreational associations, are strictly members-only places.

A typical day at an erotic spa in Italy would include afternoon and evening, with a dinner in between.

A dinner is typically included in the price but, be warned, if you are not a fan of pasta and can’t really live on snacks (also usually provided), you may be left starving. That said, in case you plan to be there for dinner, make sure that you inquire about the menu before going. And as most of these clubs are not really downtown places (but rather somewhere on the outskirts), hopping to a nearby restaurant for a quick bite may not be an option.

Italian erotic spas are mostly located in the north of the country, primarily in the regions Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, or, if Italian geography is not your strength, cities like Milan, Verona, Vicenza and Bologna. Given that this part of Italy has a notably higher density of erotic clubs, spas and events, when compared to the rest of the country, we sometimes jokingly refer to this stretch on the map of Italy as the “Italian fuck-belt.”

Cover photo credits: Bolero Palace

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