What does it mean to be listed on Hedonomads?

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When we first came to the idea to create Hedonomads, we essentially wanted to create a website where people would come and inform themselves about different lifestyle, erotic, swinger or sex clubs (whichever term you prefer), resorts, events and such stuff, in Europe in beyond. In Europe – because this is where we live; beyond, because we’ve also been to East Asia, North and Central America, and because we are still discovering.

We have, of course, not abandoned this idea but we did not leave it at just that. The reason why we wanted to make it broader is because there is much more to the lifestyle than just knowing where the clubs are and whether they are any good. But especially because many of the things you will find and read on this website you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, at least not in one place. We know this because we’ve learned it the hard way. If you are wondering what we are talking about, check our Travel & Play Blog.

Back to our listings – what does it mean when a club is listed on Hedonomads?

For the moment, it means that it’s a place for which we think it’s worth a visit. It does not mean that we have visited it, although we have visited many of them. There are also many places we have visited but which we have not listed. Yet. We are currently working on enlarging our map and our database, but also on providing more detailed and more useful information on each of the listings. It’s a big lifestyle world out there and we have merely scratched its surface.

You can search our listings under the Explore the Map section of the website or directly from the homepage.

Importantly, the fact that we are listing a place does not automatically mean that we recommend it. When writing club descriptions for our listings we try to be as object and as neutral as possible. We do, however, also write reviews and we will do more of this as we grow. You will find them under Experiences & Reviews.

We hope you will like it and if you have any suggestions how we can make Hedonomads better, you can write to us at hello@hedonomads.com.

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