Hedonomads’ Dictionary of All Things Naughty

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On our Hedonomads Instagram profile we have published a series of “cards” of a special glossary. We called it humbly “Hedonomads’ Dictionary of All Things Naughty”. Far from being an exhaustive dictionary, this selection can be seen as a witty attempt to show you some elements of the swinglifestyle world.

This is a work in progress: we will add new terms to this glossary once in a while, updating this post, our Instagram wall and our pins on Pinterest.

Enjoy it, and you are welcome to share it and repost it on your Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter accounts without any copyright infringement as long as you leave the card uncropped, unedited, and give us proper credit in the description.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for new terms to include in the dictionary, please leave a comment below, thank you!

Swinging (n.)

1. A non-monogamous lifestyle where couples engage in sexual activities with people outside their relationship.

2. A lifestyle many principally monogamous couples secretly think of but are afraid to seriously consider.

Nota bene: Swinging most likely won’t fix relationships which otherwise don’t work.

Freedom (n.)

1. The state of simultaneously being free and tied to the bed.

2. The ability to do whatever you want without feeling obliged to do anything at all.

Pegasus (n.)

Plural: pegasi

1. A single man in the swinging scene interested in having sex with couples and/or dating them.

Nota bene: Not as rare or sought after as a unicorn, which is why the scene may be more restrictive for a pegasus.

Unicorn (n.)

1. A single woman (in the swinging scene or not) interested in having sex with or dating couples.

2. Holy Grail for many swinging couples.

Nota bene: It is considered a rarity, hence the name, but more so in some countries (e.g. Italy) than others (e.g. Denmark).

Nudity (n.)

1. The state of not wearing any clothes.

2. The state of being completely and utterly honest about what you think and how you feel.

3. Either way, the best of states.

Loyalty (n.)

1. Not cheating when cheating is possible.

2. Refraining from doing anything stupid* behind your partner’s or your partners’ back(s).

Extra piece of wisdom: cheating is bad.

BDSM (n.)

1. Acronym standing for erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism―some or all of which are enjoyed by many healthy people, regardless of what media or psychotherapists tell you about it (yes, they can be wrong).

Etymology: Contrary to the popular belief, the acronym and the said practices predate Fifty Shades of Grey.

Vanilla (adj.)

1. An adjective used by swinger couples to describe (a) conventional monogamous couples or (b) couples in the swinging scene who are not practicing “full swap” swinging.

Nota bene: Equating “vanilla” with “boring” is doing an unforgivable injustice to a deliciously exquisite flavour, as well as to many couples.

Lack, Leder & Latex

1. German collocation referring to the practice of combining clothing garments made of vinyl/PVC, leather and latex rubber.

2. Outfit material that will get you in about every sex club in Germany.

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